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"The Authority of Wikipedia" (PDF). 47 Two years later, in 2011, Wales acknowledged the presence of a slight decline, noting a decrease from "a little more than 36,000 writers" in June 2010 to 35,800 in June 2011. 199 It may more specifically follow the biases of Internet culture, inclining to being young, male, English-speaking, educated, technologically aware, and wealthy enough to spare time for editing. Retrieved July 13, 2010. The World and Wikipedia: How We

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are Editing Reality. 80 81 After the incident, Seigenthaler described Wikipedia as "a flawed and irresponsible research tool". Archived from the original on October 11, 2006. Psychological aspects of cyberspace: Theory, research, applications.

pornofilm gratis risengrød wiki

Retrieved July 29, 2008. Retrieved 30 December 2018. 201 By comparison, for the German Wikipedia, the three largest conflict rates at the time of the Oxford study were for the articles covering (i) Croatia, (ii) Scientology and (iii) 9/11 conspiracy theories. "Die Quadriga  Award 2008". Bobbie Johnson (August 12, 2009). In 2007, readers of m voted Wikipedia as the fourth-highest brand ranking, receiving 15 of the votes in answer to the question "Which brand had the most impact on our lives in 2006?" 318 In September 2008, Wikipedia received Quadriga A Mission of Enlightenment award. See author acknowledged comments in response to the citation of the Nature study, at PLoS ONE, 2014, "Citation of fundamentally flawed Nature quality 'study' In response.

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Petrilli, Michael (spring 2008/Vol.8,.2) Wikipedia or Wickedpedia? "Cultural Differences in Collaborative Authoring of Wikipedia". They're going to watch a porno. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). "Wikipedia, Britannica: A Toss-Up". White and shot by William Heise for the Edison Manufacturing. Directly after the posted web interview, the representatives stated that Wikimedia would be applying an all-inclusive approach to accommodate as many mobile access systems as possible in its efforts for expanding general mobile access, including BlackBerry and the Windows Phone system, making market share. Statistical analyses suggest that the committee ignores the content of disputes and rather focuses on the way disputes are conducted, 101 functioning not so much to resolve disputes and make peace between conflicting editors, but to weed out problematic editors while allowing potentially productive höschen in der muschi sex im minirock editors. Creative Commons ' CC BY-SA) are shared across language editions via Wikimedia Commons repository, a project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. Dennis Romero (May 3, 2011). In films directed to a heterosexual male audience, the primary focus is on the female actors in them, who höschen in der muschi sex im minirock are mostly selected for their on-screen appearance. A b c d e Simonite, Tom (October 22, 2013). Frequent Wikipedia critic Andrew Orlowski commented, "Even when a Wikipedia entry is 100 per cent factually correct, and those facts have been carefully chosen, it all too often reads as if it has been translated from one language to another then into a third, passing. Archived from the original on October 30, 2013. "Interview With Nick Doody and Matt Kirshen". Gericht weist einstweilige Verfügung gegen Wikimedia Deutschland ab (update), by Torsten Kleinz, February 9, 2006. In 1969, Denmark became the first country to abolish all censorship laws, sperm i ansigtet escort i fredericia enabling pornography, including hardcore pornography. Retrieved January 27, 2007. 18 Braun was always on the move, and made his hardcore movies in a number of countries, including Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. "Wikimedia Foundation IRS Form 990" (PDF). Less common types of vandalism, such as the deliberate addition of plausible but false information to an article, can be more difficult to detect. "Website discussing the emulator of the Domesday Project User Interface". ( A blog post by the author.

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