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The New Kingdom army was often led by one of the king's sons; it consist- ed of a northern and southern corps, each commanded bv a 'chief deputy. The object was to convey the pieces around a snaking track to the finish, via a number of specially marked squares rep- resenting good or bad fortune. Fischer, Dendera in the 3rd millennium lie (New York, 1968). chests: some reflections on an Egyptian rite Aklen Miliieheu, 1985,.

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Moss, Topegmphmi bibliography rn/2 (Oxford, 1978 830-75. T habu medjay The temple of Medinet Habu. Bv at least the 5th Dynasty ( lie) the dead king was identified with Osiris, while the living ruler was equated with his son horus (see kingship). He thus eventually became regarded as 'high Senusret ihe arche- typal Egyptian ruler. J.Yantim, The excavation!, at Funis (Bologna, 1970).

ammer ømme bryster musikhistorie museum

When they have removed what they can this way they Hush out the remainder with drugs. The best-preserved temple of Khnum is the Greco-Roman construction at esna, where his consort was Menhyt, a relatively unknown to Khnum at a time of famine caused by low inundations. Raqote) Greco-Roman city situated on a narrow penin- sula at the western end of the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. Stress was therefore laid upon the cults of RA and ptaii instead, and in Nubia the reigning king was linked with the official gods, aspects of the rider's kingship being worshipped in the tem- ples. Qltrke, Who were the phuruohs'f (London, 1990 9-19. Ptolemy i Soter I (305-2S5 BC founder of the Ptolemaic line, rose to die throne of Egypt after the death of Alexander iv, having adminis- tered Egypt as a general (then known as Ptolemy of Lagos since the death of Alexander the Great. Manuscripts have survived more plen- tifully from the 12th and 13th Dynasties, including a much wider range of types of text, from hymns AND litanies TO onomastica. Saleii, 'The so-called "primeval hiU" and other related elevations in ancient Egyptian mythology mdaik 25 (1969 110-20. One stele even documents the fact that Ahmose I sought her approval before erecting a cenotaph for tetishhri at Abydos. Westendorf (Wiesbaden, 1982 366-7.

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It was around the eighth year of his reign that he was somewhat eclipsed by Pedubastis l (818-793 bc ruler of Leontopolis (tell.-viuodam who also declared himself king, thus creating the 23rd Dynasty, whose rulers were contem- poraneous with the last four rulers. Newberry, The tomb of Thoutmosis /rfLondon, 1904). Demons 55, 55,. Rtiti and all those associated with this 'heresy 1 were defaced in the after- math of the Amarna period. This left only the rump of their empire in Syria, con- sisting of a group of 'Nco-Hittite 1 city-states which were finally absorbed by vssvria in the eighth century lie. The French word cartouche, meaning 'gun cartridge was originally given to the royal frame by Napoleon's soldiers and savants, Detail of the facade of the 'great temple' at Abu Simbel, consisting of a cartouche containing the prenomen oj'Rameses n (Vser-Maat-Ra). Whereas the nome stan- dards usually appear to have been three- dimensional images at the top of the poles, military standards are often represented as rectangular wooden stelae bearing painted fig- ures of gods or occasionally aggressive scenes such as the pair of wrestlers. Yoyotte., Tunis. Despite the apparently prosaic methods of entering the priesthood, there was a definite code of ethics, including proscrip- tions against discussing temple rites or prac- tising fraud. It is noticeable, however, that virtually all of the surviving 'literary -1 texts were pri- marily aimed at (and written by) a small elite group. In the Ptolemaic temple of Hathor at Deir el- Medina and the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri, chapels were dedicated to the worship of both Imhotep and Amenhotep son of Hapu. There are traces of Middle Palaeolithic (Mousterian) occupa km 1 Qasr el-Mustafa Khasif 2 Nadura, Roman temple 3 el-Baqawat, Christian cemetery 4 Hibis, Persian and Ptolemaic. The Book of the Dead describes the sun-god as a 'golden youth who emerged from the lotus'. There are two basic types of wisdom lit- erature: the sehayt or 'instruction' (see educa- tion and ethics) and the reflective or pes- simistic 'discourse. (EA6Q9S8) The mythology of the Osirian I lorus (rather than any of the other aspects of Horus w r as principally concerned with his struggles to avenge the murder of his father Osiris and to claim his rightful inheritance, the throne of Egypt, by defeating. The field was so synonymous with fertility and abundance that the hieroglyph for field (si'kliel) sometimes replaced the e/e/ -sign thai was usually employed to denote the act of offering. This hymn, which has several antecedents in earlier ISth-Dynasty hymns to the sun-god, has been compared with the Biblical Psalm 104, although the distinct parallels between the two are usually interpreted simply as indications of the common literary heritage of Egypt and rsitAi'. In the Ptolemaic period (332-30 bc Greek forms of medicine were combined with those of die Egyptians, just as the local deities were assimilated with those of the Greeks. E Healy, 'The early alphabet Reading the past (London, 1990 197-257. Fish were usually caught in traps or nets, some of which might be dragged along the river channel either by teams of men or between two boats; Chapter 153 of the nook OF THE dead, for instance, is concerned with helping the deceased to avoid. Egyptian artists themselves were regularly regarded as anonymous craftsmen, working in teams and according to strict guidelines, although their works might be highly regarded. Atum Creator-god and solar deity of iieliopolis, where he was gradually syncrctized with the sun-god ua, to form the god Ra-Atum. On arrival at Cairo Museum the arm was discarded and onh the jewellerv was kept, therefore it is still not clear whether ammer ømme bryster musikhistorie museum the limb was that of Djer himself. It was founded in about 1350 bc and abandoned about twenty years later; the dearth of subsequent settlement has ensured remarkable preservation of the city plan.

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Wi;i(.i.l.l., A guide to the antiquities of Upper Egypt (London, L910 160-5. Most exam- ples measure between 35 and 50 cm in length and were usually placed in small wooden fal- con-headed sarcophagi. Bredcck (New York, 1992 73-92. He is first mentioned (along with his wife Amaunet) in the 5th-Dynasty pyramid texts, but the earliest temples dedi- cated solely to Amun appear to have been in the Thcban region, where he was worshipped as a local deity at least as early as the. J- Broekhuis, Degodin Renenwetel (Assen, 971 ).

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